Buxton silhoette

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Council set to make a move in town centre redevelopment plans

Transport campaigners are making inroads with environmentally friendly developments

Opposition to council plans selling off woods and playground

People power will help shape future developments in the town

Local groups join forces to bring town – and nature – back to life

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New Crescent Heritage visitor attraction is a chance to step back in time

Pressing ahead with proposals to transform town's shopping centre

University of Derby serves notice on Buxton degrees

Town's own repair café is set to give a new lease of life to household items

Our town is enjoying a quiet revival – as we show in our 11-page feature on Higher Buxton...

Water is flowing again from Buxton landmarks

Buxton's role in Thai cave drama that gripped the world

Thanks to local support, Buxton Mountain Rescue Team has a high-flying helper

Mystery surrounds the activities of Buxton's own superhero...

Launch of Friends' group gives locals a 'vital role' in the Crescent, says Duke

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